This is the time of year that you'll start seeing motorcycles on a daily basis.  We'll be sharing the road with many fathers, brothers, mothers,, extra precaution is needed from all of us to keep people safe.

And these days who couldn't use a few extra prayers?  The Psycho Silo Saloon is hosting their Blessing of the Bikes this Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 1pm and also at 3pm.  They'll have a pastor say some prayers for our 2 wheeled friends that they stay safe this riding season.

Psycho Silo Saloon is located at the intersection of Rt 6 & Rt 40 in Langley, Illinois

They'll also have live music from The Righteous Hillbillies from Noon until 5:30pm.

Righteous Hillbillies are a rock ‘n’ roll band launching a revival of the Southern spirit of blues boogie, soul groove, along with the primal and visceral energy of rock ‘n’ roll power from Joliet, Illinois.

Blessing of the Bikes is one of the first gatherings of the year and a favorite for many.  Especially this year after we've all been cooped up for so long, getting out and enjoying the freedom of the ride and hanging with your friends and family is long overdue.

Whether you ride or not the Psycho Silo has got to be a destination this summer. If you're thinking about live music and can't wait until Sunday they've got The Free Beer and Chicken Band playing on Saturday night.  Join them from 1pm until 5pm for a hell of a good time.




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