New beers are available at Bent River, Crawford, Contrary, Great Revivalist, Radicle, and Twin Span.  Plus there's some great news at Nerdspeak.  They are now open for to-go orders!  So pick-up some new beer for the weekend!

A BIG thank you to QC Ale Trail who are on a mission to promote the amazing beer available here in the Quad Cities.  When you're at any of the participating breweries (below) you can win prizes either by checking in online or downloading and printing the passport for your shot at free stuff!

They've got bottle openers, pint glasses and more just for checking in and drinking delicious beer. Plus, you get to...ya know...drink the beer.  It's a win-win for sure!

While you're there you can check out Charlie Cole's new articles on the beer blog at and be sure to check out the new merch in their online store.

There are new beers at Twin Span, Radicle Effect, Wake Brewing, Green Tree Brewery, and Bent River.

Radicle’s patio has a new look and Great Revivalist in Geneseo is expanding theirs.  So, if patio beers are you thing there are plenty of options.

These are the breweries that are participating in the QC Ale Trail are as follows:

Bent River Taproom Rock Island, IL
Contrary Brewing Co., Muscatine, IA
Crawford Brew Works, Bettendorf, IA
Five Cities Brewing, Davenport, IA
Front Street Taproom, Davenport, IA
Front Street Pub & Eatery, Davenport, IA
Galena Brewing Ale House, Moline, IL
Geneseo Brewing, Geneseo, IL
Great Revivalist Brew Lab, Geneseo, IL
Green Tree Brewery, LeClaire, IA
Midwest Ale Works, East Moline, IL
Radicle Effect, Rock Island, IL
Rebellion Brew Haus, Moline, IL
Stompbox Brewing, Davenport, IA
Twin Span Brewing, Bettendorf, IA
Wake Brewing, Rock Island, IL

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