The biggest tip to use if you plan on partaking in the deals on Black Friday is to stay home and shop online. Those crowds are not worth it.

If you take that advice and stay home, then you can also use these tips. Not only will they help you get the best price on what you're purchasing, but they'll help you not overspend.

  • Fill your cart before Black Friday. If you have your eye on specific items, this will reserve them for you and save time.
  • Clear cookies and browser history. Websites will store all sorts of data that can effects the price shown. This tip helps you see the true price.
  • Set up price alerts. Numerous apps will alert you when a certain item hits a low price point and where you can buy it.
  • Buy tech items. The best deals on Black Friday are on electrical goods and appliances.
  • Research prices ahead of time. Knowing the prices before sales start will make sure you’re getting a good deal.
  • Find out when the deals are going live. Familiarize yourself with the times that stores make their deals go live and set timers.
  • Keep to a budget. This is probably the most important tip, a budget and list will keep your spending down.

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