It might be easier to stay home today than it might be to try and get across the Mississippi River today.

As if it wasn't enough that I-74 was already slow due to lane closures thanks to construction, but today is also the day that I-80 bride is shutting down lanes today to start washing.

The Government Bridge is shut down because you can't even get to it thanks to the flood waters.

Centennial Bridge is also affected by floodwaters. From our friend Alex Ortega this morning, "To any of my Illinois bound friends, traffic headed towards the Centennial bridge is backed up all over. Harrison Street to turn onto 4th is backed up to 12th Street. Gaines Street southbound is backed up to 14th Street. If you need to get somewhere, leave early and be patient."

So, that leaves the Sergeant John F. Baker Jr. Bridge (I-280 Bridge) as the only bridge in the Quad Cities that is completely open to traffic.

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