It was September of last year when we announced that Governor's was going to be moving from its longtime location at the corner of Devil's Glen and Middle Rd to a new location just down the street. Watching the progress on the new building for the past few months has been nothing short of amazing as it looks like the new facilities will be quite an upgrade from the old building that's been there as long as I've been a resident of the Quad Cities.

tangled wood

In a press release this afternoon the management has announced a name change to reflect the new location on Tanglewood Rd in Betttendorf.

In September of 2017 Governor’s announced that we had outgrown our current footprint and would be
building a brand-new facility to house our friends and patrons. Our new facility will be located at 3610
Tanglewood Road in Bettendorf.


As we think about where we started, we would like take this opportunity to thank Dave Koenig, whose
vision 43 years ago created the Governor’s brand--a brand that became a beloved spot to gather with
family and friends. We would also like to thank our loyal patrons who have frequented Governor’s
throughout those 43 years. We greatly appreciate the time you have chosen to spend with us; and we look
forward to sharing our new space with you.


With Geifman First Equity bringing a new user to our previously leased facility, we were freed to let our
imaginations run wild. It was then, we realized the existing space was not conducive to our new, more
expansive plans. Our new facility consists of almost 7,400 square feet of bar, dining and private dining
spaces. With an additional 8,000 square feet of outdoor enjoyment area for food, drinks or hanging out
with friends and family. We believe the new facility will have something for everyone and become a place
for the community to gather and celebrate for the next 43 years.


After a great deal of thought, as part of our evolution, we are excited to announce that we will also be
changing the name of the restaurant from “Governor’s” to “The Tangled Wood”. We believe the new name
embraces the scale and setting of the location as well as the communal feel we are striving to provide.
We have the utmost respect for the legacy of Governor’s, and changing the name was a very difficult
decision. However, it may not be gone for good. You just never know if the name Gov’s Pub may pop up
on a building in the Quad City area someday in the near future. We also invite you to explore our new
location for the many items we have included throughout the space as a tribute to our Governor’s roots,
including the Gov’s Pub Bar located within the Tangled Wood. We hope our friends and patrons will
appreciate the embrace of our heritage as we look to the future.


The Tangled Wood, will be located at 3610 Tanglewood Road Bettendorf. We will be opening in late 2018.
We are currently accepting applications for all positions. Applications can be found at thetangledwood.
~Joseph Janz

The new name seems fitting and well deserved for the new 8,000 square foot facility. As for the old building at the corner of Middle Rd and Devil's Glen, it will be demolished to make way for a new Hy-Vee Gas.

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