I happened to notice that 10 years ago today the first DVD set of the first "Crossroads Guitar Festival" came out ...  This one was at the Cotton bowl in Dallas back in '04 with Joe Walsh, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and others ... and if you like live concert footage, these Crossroads Festivals are great!  All proceeds from these go to EC's Crossroads Treatment Center in Antigua for treatment of chemical addictions.

There have been 4 of 'em so far ...  PBS has run them in their entiresty ("Great Performances") and AXS TV runs various footage pretty regularly.  The next one is in 2015 at Madison Square Garden .. I prefer them "outdoors" so I'll have to see if it's better or worse inside the Garden.  But if you haven't seen any of the footage, or very little, the DVD's are well worth it!