Have you ever wondered why bars and restaurants offer free popcorn or pretzels?

It's not because they enjoy sharing or want to feel good, like when they donate to charity around the holidays.  It's because the salt of those great snacks increases your urge to drink whatever beverage you're enjoying.  You get more thirsty.  They get more money by moving more product.

The pairing of an ice-cold beer and a sack of pretzels is as great as peanut butter and jelly.  Probably a lot older than that too.

The History

In Germany, brewing monks understood the water, barley, and hops they used to make beer as a reflection of the holy trinity. The three loops or holes in pretzels symbolized this trinity as well. They began stringing pretzels together and wearing them around their necks. It was a way of showing faith and love for beer and pretzels all at once.



Beer & Pretzels

With fall weather on the way...no doubt, we'll be recreating history by pairing some Oktoberfest beer and some giant pretzels just like our ancestors did.  We, however, will do so with the glow of the TV on our faces and the roar of the football stadium transmitted through the speakers and to our ears.

So, before we get too hungry and thirsty let's first make a plan.  Who's got the best giant pretzels in the Quad Cities?  We took to the town square (ok, it was Facebook) to find out who was bragging on who.

Word of mouth is the best co-sign.  So let's have a look.

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