This is not an endorsement.  In fact, I don't know these fellas and haven't YET tried their product.  But when a cool product is being made near my hometown, I have to spread the word.

BeardMe USA is a small business out of Clinton, Ia and they tell me beard balm is an excellent way to condition your beard during the growing process.

Orian James Hinrichs Jr. told me in a Facebook message how he got started:

A buddy of mine of 16 years asked me one day if I wanted to start a beard care business with him. I asked if he was serious and he was so we got it started. Just like that. We had used beard care products in the past but we both felt the market lacked the kind of scents we were looking for along with the quality of ingredients. So our goal was to make the best quality balm like the big name companies but also configure the scents that we were more into. It’s been 4 months almost since we started the company and we have a website ( where customers can get info on our products as well as purchase them. We have a shop tab on our Facebook page as well. We also are sold at the barbershop inside Hotel Blackhawk! We are passionate about beard care and hope you give us a try! 

The ingredients in their product is great for moisturizing the skin and conditioning the coarse beard hair. If you’ve ever noticed itching or dryness in your beard if you’ve tried to grow it out, this will ease that issue. Also after about 3 months of beard growth, it’s great to use to help shape your beard and handle the fly away hairs that can be pesky. All to help make your beard and the skin under your beard look, feel and smell great!

Perfect for Father's Day!  Go support a local small business!

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