In Markham, Illinois, the mayor has shut down the city's shady spots, one of which is a 3-decade-old swingers club called Couple's Choice.

The mayor took the company to court last year, claiming it is an illegal business. The club closed down.

Before the pandemic, it was closed, but the parties didn't stop because there's always a loophole. The owners said they don't understand what the problem the city has is, they're just having a good time.

They might not have a business license, but they don't need it. The owner's son now lives on the property which has a full dance floor and 18 bedrooms. They're not charging entry anymore, so it's really just a big house party.

The police chief of the town doesn't think it's a reasonable argument. Before the stay-at-home order took effect, the owner and his son were arrested and guests were ordered to leave. The charges included "operating an illegal business."

The owner says the city has it wrong, and won't back down.

"We'll just throw a party again, let them try to stop us now."

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