When I was growing up we didn't have a forced air furnace or a boiler.  We had a good old fashion wood burner.  Dad would go out on a Saturday morning with his buddies and come home with a truck load of wood and a good beer buzz.  We'd throw the wood through the window into the basement and stack it into the corner.

My 1st house had a fireplace in it but the home inspector told me the chimney was too low to be safe to use so we never used it for anything other than hanging stockings on this time of year.

We've got a wood burner in the garage now so that's where I get to enjoy the nostalgic smell of firewood in the air.  We've been dealing with some back draft issues but I think I have that figured out.  Now I just need to insulate the place because it gets pretty darn cold out there during the winter...which is a shame because this is when I want to be out using the fireplace.

However, even with our concrete hearth I remember to close the screen.  Unlike this doofus.  This security video shows some people hanging out in their living room when a burning log rolls out of the fireplace onto their hardwood floor.

Luckily, a guy was sitting right there, and he rolled the burning log back with his bare hands, then swept the embers back onto the bricks.

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