This year is gearing up to be the biggest Cyber Monday yet, because it gets bigger every year, but this year also has a pandemic keeping people from getting out and shopping. With awesome deals, free shipping, and readily available product (unless you're looking for a PS5), it's easy to sit on the couch and order all the gifts. Just don't fall for these usual mistakes:

Mistakes to Avoid on Cyber Monday

  1. Shopping Because It's On Sale- Just like my dad always told me, "You didn't save $15, you spent $85." Don't fall for the hype and feel you need to even look for something just because there's a few sales going on.
  2. Think About Delivery Times- If your delivery time estimates 4-14 days, assume it's going to show up closer to the 14th day. Just because the post office can deliver it on time, doesn't mean the company you're ordering from can ship it on time.
  3. Don't Wait Until Tonight to Start Shopping- Don't wait until tonight after work to start shopping for stuff, it'll be sold out. It's like showing up to Best Buy after dinner on Black Friday and seeing if they have any of the $150 60" TV's left.
  4. Don't Ignore Travel Deals This Year- The travel business is struggling, from flights and hotels to guided tours in tourists traps. Start early and get yourself a vacation for half the price you normally would.
  5. Don't Get Scammed- It's easier said than done, but just make sure you trust the website before you put in your card info. Also, there's a lot of fake emails that look like shipping updates, so be sure to verify the sender before you click on any links.

I use the app Shop to track my orders, and after you set up the app, you'll get shipping updates for any packages sent to your house.

Don't be a fool this year, follow the tips, and hopefully you'll get everything you hoped you could get. (Oh, and keep an eye out for PS5's, they're worth some scratch).

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