A local business owner in Chicago decided to make life a little better for some recent victims of carjackings in his neighborhood.

Obviously leaving a feeling of violation and of course the loss of a mode of transportation, which Jermaine Jordan is no stranger to. He himself was once a victim of a carjacking.

“I know how it feels to be near death and someone puts a gun up to you and takes your belongings that you work hard for,” he said.

He saw victims who were unable to go to the grocery store without a vehicle, and that's after they've come to terms with what happened.

“I was traumatized from it. I didn’t want to come outside at first, I didn’t want to go to work because I was afraid. You’ve got to regain your faith and everything and get right back over,” Taqueria Little, a victim, told WGN9.

Jermaine, who is known as not only the owner of a used car dealership, but also his generous heart after he opened a popup restaurant to give free, healthy meals to his community.

He used his dealership, White Diamond Luxury Auto Dealership, and donations from the restaurant to gift five vehicles to victims of the violence that Chicago has seen soar in the last year.

To get in touch with the victims, he contacted the admin of a Facebook group dedicated to recovering stolen vehicles. Matthew Nalatt and his group have recovered over 180 vehicles. As you can imagine, the vehicles are rarely returned without substantial damage.

You can donate to Jermaine's GoFundMe to help him continue to help his community.

One man Jermaine was able to help out, Mario McMillan, has a one and three-year-old, and was carjacked only two weeks ago. His Tuscon was recovered riddled with bullet holes. Jermaine gifted him a used Jeep.

"I do gotta go to therapy, once I’m cleared from that, hopefully I’ll be able to go back and now I have transportation to go to and from work,” McMillan said. “So I appreciate it.”

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