You used to be able to get extra dipping sauces for free at McDonald's. Those days are long gone, so this girl took matters into her own hands.

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18-year-old Australian Kyara Blazely was recently at a McDonald's with some friends, and paid for her meal. While they were all leaving, she grabbed an entire tray of dipping sauces and ran out the door with them.

It sounds like she was just trying to be funny or something. She's 18, so it's understandable. Then she made another dumb 18-year-old move and posted about it on social media.

It was about 60 bucks worth of dipping sauces, which means it was technically stealing. A security camera got her on video. Then an employee saw her Facebook post, so they knew it was definitely her.

She brought the tray and all the dipping sauces to a police station a few days later and turned herself in.

She had to go in front of a judge who called her the, "dumbest defendant" they'd seen that day. But they let her off easy with a small fine of about a hundred bucks.

Read more at NT News.

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