You can only play so many games of Bingo before you want to Bingo yourself over the head and get out of there.

Parmer Woods Life Enrichment Director Amy Casillas said the residents at the assisted living home still play Bingo, but they're enjoying a new hobby: Brewing.

Amy brought her personal home-brew kit to the facility just as a show-and-tell item, but now, residents are brewing their own beers, and even have a mock brewing company, "Parmer Woods Beer Works."

Parmer Woods at North Austin via Facebook

Every week, the residents meet and decide on the type of beer they're going to try their hand at this week. So far, the group has brewed 4 types of beer:

  • Cider
  • IPA
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Wit Beer

They're currently working on an ale and a lager.

A local sign company, BuildASign, design labels for the bottles.

15 residents have shown interest in the program, but 6 have been fully committed.

Parmer Woods at North Austin via Facebook

Once COVID-19 calms down, they hope to have family events that would double as tastings, because they're pretty excited about their products.

“They’re very proud, and they should be,” Casillas said. “It’s delicious!”

If anyone is interested in purchasing or carrying the beer for their store, they're happy to have a discussion. Over a beer, of course.

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