This week, a trio of reckless drivers were arrested for doing burnouts right in front of the police station.

Twenty-four year veteran of the Dearborn Police Department, Issa Shahin said, “When this happened, I was in my office and I could hear the sounds, and so were some of my other members of the department. I literally looked out my window and saw these kids doing the burnout right in front of the police station.”

The officer quickly made his way outside to obtain the license plates of the burners. There were people hanging out the windows of the cars taunting him and others around.

Not much later, officers tracked down the three hooligans and arrested the people associated with the incident. All three vehicles were impounded, two of the cars being forfeited to the police.

The burnout marks were dark and deep into the pavement. Those will be the last marks those drivers make for a while.

Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race
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“If you’re reckless driving–and I want to be clear here–if you’re you’re driving recklessly and you’re putting people’s lives in danger, your car’s going to be pulled over, you’re going to be arrested, your car’s going to be impounded, and if it meets the criteria, the vehicle will be forfeited, if you’re putting other people’s lives at risk,” Shahin said.


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