Even though they're really closely related, there's a world of difference between being cheap and being frugal. Cheap is bad. Frugal is admirable.

A new survey asked people if a bunch of different things you can do to save money fall on the cheap side of the line, or the frugal side. Here are the results:

  1. Not leaving a tip. – CHEAP
  2. Buying generic groceries or electronics. — FRUGAL
  3. Carefully tracking how much electricity you're using. — FRUGAL
  4. Reusing tea bags or coffee filters. — CHEAP
  5. Calculating your portion of a group dinner bill to the cent. — CHEAP
  6. Diluting your hand soap with water so it'll last longer. — CHEAP
  7. Using deals or coupons for everything you buy. — FRUGAL
  8. Always tipping 15%, regardless of how good the service was. — CHEAP
  9. Re-gifting. — CHEAP
  10. Only drinking at home, never at a bar or restaurant. — FRUGAL

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