If you've ever looked at your turkey, and thought "Man, if I could just shove my head up the ass of this thing, I bet that'd be pretty cozy," Arby's has a new thing for you.

Arby's "deep fried turkey pillow" is a turkey shaped pillow that you pull over your head, so you can experience the tranquility of sleeping inside a dead turkey.

The company listed the pillows for $60 on their website, and sold out almost immediately. You can still win one, but only if you win a contest on their website.

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Naps just got a lot crispier. And juicier. Buy it now. https://www.arbysdeepfriedturkeypillow.com

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If you do enter, you get a 50% off coupon for a turkey sandwich, so you know I signed up just for that.

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