Living in the Midwest, we've all seen how livestock are transported from place to place in the back of a truck. Well, what about something not so easy, like a shark?

TikTok user Julie Kang spotted a shark being moved assumingly from one aquarium to another, and started recording.

The shark is in a tank that's strapped to a flatbed trailer. It looks like a big box with one little window for the shark to get sunlight.

@juliekang8Things you don’t see on the highway every day #babyshark #sharktransport #baltimore #sharks #shark #sharksoftiktok #highway #fyp♬ Baby Shark - Pinkfong

Just as she passes by the truck, the shark swims in front of the window on its way to the other side of the tank.

It makes complete sense that they'd transport the sharks in a big fish tank, but it's one of those things we just never really think about.

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