A man at an upscale Galleria, Texas area hotel was taken to the hospital and kept after he reportedly shot himself by accident.

According to police, officers and paramedics responded to a shooting at the St. Regis Houston hotel around 11:30pm on Friday. Officers determined that the victim was either unpacking a gun or was removing it from his pants when it went off.

The victim was described as a "young man" but didn't give information on his age.

Paramedics took the man to the hospital for injuries to his testicles, police told local news outlets.


Under new state law from the Texas Legislature and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, hotels can't prohibit guests from carrying firearms or storing them on hotel property.

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Just a few months ago, in December, the story of another man shooting himself in the testicles in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

According to officials, the same issue of placing a firearm in a waistband holster, combined by mishandling the firearm, were the culprits. The handgun went off, and the bullet passed through his scrotum before going into his inner left thigh.


Hopefully, to be similar to this weekend's case of the scrotum shooter, the December case in Orangeburg's victim didn't face any charges because the discharge was an accident.

Either way, I bet the two of them will be shooting blanks from now on.


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