If you remember the University of Iowa vs. Iowa State Game last year when Carson King held a sign asking for Busch Light money, listing his Venmo. The next day, Carson had thousands of dollars on his Venmo account, due to him being shown on College Game Day holding the sign. He decided to donate the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Busch jumped on board, saying they would match whatever Carson raised, and Venmo said the same thing. At the time, Carson had a little under $10,000 raised.

The campaign ended September 30th, after 16 days. Carson had donations rolling in from around the country, raising $920,112.10.

Venmo ponied up and even rounded up to $1,000,000.

Busch said they would donate privately, and wouldn't release the amount they donated. In October I asked them what their commitment meant now that the campaign was over, and they told me they donated $1 million, and it was processing.

“We’re working with the University of Iowa hospital system to process our commitment appropriately through its channels as well as ours. As with any transaction or donation, payment terms are handled privately.”


Busch executives — via a public relations firm — told The Gazette


5 months later in February, we touched base with Carson, and the hospital hadn't received the donation yet.

The whole situation seemed shady, but apparently they finally ponied up and paid their committed $920,000 on March 6th, and flew under the radar, just like they said it would.

I guess we can all let up on them now, since they did keep their word, even though it took 6 months.

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