Gas prices are super unpredictable right now. On your way to work, it could be $3, on the way home it could be $4. With prices putting so much pressure on our wallets the last year, one company is looking to alleviate the stresses of the holiday season with a special deal.


Circle K has announced that Friday, December 16th, their stores across Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa will be offering 40 cents off per gallon. The deal is only good from 3pm-6pm.

The sale comes just in time for us to be able to save some scratch to put towards Christmas gifts, and they're helping make that travel expense home for the holidays a little bit lighter on the wallet.

Gas Guage Empty

“We know the holidays are always a hectic time of year for travel, so to show our gratitude to our loyal customers, we want to help fuel their festive journeys,” said Gerardo Valencia Trujillo, Circle K’s Vice President of Operations, Heartland Business Unit. “We hope the additional savings will make it easy for our customers and everyone we rely on during the holidays.”

The holiday special is available at participating locations selling Circle K and Shell brand fuel.

Circle K Around The Quad Cities

Locations near us include

Rock Island - 501 24th Street or 4423 11th Street

East Moline - 1827 18th Avenue

Clinton - 1530 N 2nd Street

Muscatine - 802 Cypress Street

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