We argue about so much pointless nonsense these days. It's almost nice to see a classic topic like this get some action.

A 56-year-old guy near Lynchburg, Virginia got arrested late last month after he shot three people while arguing about which is better... Ford or Chevy. Thankfully, everyone survived.

The guy's name is Mark Turner, and he obviously cares way too much about the topic. But it's not clear which brand he likes better.

He was in his yard arguing with his girlfriend's adult son about it, then pulled a knife, and ended up stabbing the girlfriend when she got between them to break it up.

After that, Mark went inside, came back out with a gun, and started shooting. Apparently he was aiming for his girlfriend's son, but she got in the way again, and was shot five times in the leg.

The son got hit once in the arm, and the son's girlfriend also got hit by two bullets that ricocheted. But none of their wounds were life-threatening.

Mark then barricaded himself in the house when police got there. But they hit him with a beanbag round and got him in custody. He's facing multiple felony charges.

Read more at WSBT.

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