January 8, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the host of QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show, please accept my profound apology for today's show.  Obviously, this was not the show that was scheduled to run today.  I especially wish to apologize to our guests, Lieutenant General Stephen M. Twitty, Commanding General, First Army and Ms. Jackie Inman, the Rock Island Center Director for the USO of Illinois.  We will endeavor to run your interviews next week, January 15th.

This was an unintended error, yet an error nonetheless.  I regret this matter and pledge to ensure this does not occur again.  Thank you all for your support and understanding.  We are honored to bring you this show and will strive to continue to improve, learn from our mistakes and support our Veterans, military, family and care-givers however we may.  Thank you.


Jeno Berta