The National Chicken Council (NCC) released their annual Chicken Wing Report, and they're thinking Americans are going to consume a record number of wings during Super Bowl weekend, eating over 1.4 billion chicken wings.

The report said their prediction is 2% higher than last year, meaning 27 million more wings will theoretically be eaten this year.

1.4 billion wings is a lot of wings. I couldn't wrap my mind around how many that wings was, so naturally it's time to do some math.

  • If one person ate three wings per minute, it would take them about 900 years to eat 1.4 billion wings.
  • If every player in the NFL were to try and accomplish the record, they would have to each ate 825,0000 wings a piece.
  • 1.4 billion wings would circle the earth 3 times.
  • It's enough wings to give every attendee of every Super Bowl since 1967 each 34 wings.
  • If each wing was counted a second, it would take 45 years.

In case you were wondering, here's how Goose eats his wings.

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