It turns out Americans can be both frugal AND cheap. As far as I'm concerned, being frugal saves money, and so does being cheap.

A new study from SWNS Digital showed what Americans are doing to save money in the pandemic, AND it asked people if they thought it was cheap or not.

Here's what the majority had to say:

  • Tipping the minimum acceptable amount: CHEAP
  • Tracking electricity use, and shutting off lights/appliances not being used: FRUGAL
  • Keeping the heat as low as possible, and the air as high as you can: FRUGAL
  • Skipping on paying for a round when it's your turn: CHEAP
  • Calculating a split bill down to the penny: CHEAP
  • Watching movies at home instead of the theater: FRUGAL
  • Keeping outdated electronics because they barely work: CHEAP
  • Shopping at second-hand stores: FRUGAL
  • Buying clothes at department stores (Walmart, Kmart, etc.): FRUGAL
  • Buying off brand food: FRUGAL
  • Eating expired food because there isn't mold yet: CHEAP
  • Buying no-name chargers and ear buds from the gas station: FRUGAL
  • Diluting soap with water to make it last longer: CHEAP
  • Not spending money at bars and drinking at home: FRUGAL
  • Seaking out deals for any purchase you make: FRUGAL
  • Re-gifting: CHEAP

How many are you guilty of? I need to go think about what I've done in the last few months, apparently.

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