In case you didn't know today is Valentine's Day which means there the deliveries coming to people's places of business will be plenty. This morning was no exception here at the Rock & Roll Mansion.

Alyssa received a special delivery of her own this morning. It wasn't flowers or candy. It was a singing telegram. I didn't know people still performed singing telegrams, and I've never actually seen one in person before. The only one that comes to mind is from the movie clue and the singer gets shot.

Well Alyssa got one this morning and it didn't disappoint. Her boyfriend asked me last Sunday if I thought this would be a good idea. I didn't have the heart to tell him no... well because it would be too funny to watch Alyssa's reaction to a singing telegram.

Alyssa has worked for us for a couple years now and not once in that whole time have I ever seen her speechless. Well today did not disappoint. Having a whole choir from Rockridge High School surprise her was certainly a shock to her.

It was a great job from the Rock Ridge students!

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