All Sweat Productions have done some really great concerts in the past.  Usually they focus on one band or genre and bring in all sorts of great Quad Cities musicians to play for a night or a weekend.

They've done a tribute to Green Day in the past.  Along with Bob Marley, Eric Clapton and even a full weekend of Woodstock tributes.

It's time for another All Sweat Original show:

The All Sweat Original Series is a curated event to showcase Quad City artists in a way you've never seen them before. Unlike a standard concert this is an intimate moment for you to truly connect with these musicians and their art. Local songwriters are paired up with top notch QC musicians to act as their own personal backing band, complete with all the fun and community that the Quad Cities as come to know as an All Sweat Productions show.

As many great musicians as the Quad Cities has...there are even more great songwriters.  And yes, you could probably see these songwriters perform by themselves at a local bar or coffee shop or even recording music by themselves and releasing it.  But to hear a song come to life with a band is another level.  A backing band changes everything.  Especially when you've got the caliber of talent that is sure to be behind these performers.

This month's songwriters are:
Stacy Webster, Spencer Eli Praught, and Bob & Renae Rosenstiel
Thursday, March 17th...Doors: 6:30pm / Show: 7pm at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport.

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