A family in the Jacksonville area has mixed emotions after they came home to find their Amazon packages had been stolen off the porch of their home.

“Does anybody recognize this person who stole a package from my door while we were away?” a post on Facebook read. The homeowner told News4Jax they would like to remain anonymous, but wouldn't mind their video making the rounds on the internet.

“My stolen Amazon package. Super mad but kinda hilarious,” the post continued.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime mapping tool, 27 thefts and burglaries have been reported within one mile of the home where this took place.

“We have had a lot of theft, car break-ins and door pullers, or whatever you want to call them, through the area trying to go through people’s stuff,” the homeowner said.

They said the package contained pillows and tablecloths, so the thief will be eating fancy and hopefully getting a better night's sleep.

The family didn't call the police to file a report, but did contact Amazon, who replaced the stolen items.

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