You get experimental when you drink with a group.  My buddy Jorge invented the most the most memorable concoction we dubbed The Jorge Slammer: equal parts Mt. Dew, Orange Juice, Beer & Southern Comfort.

Don't smell it!  Whatever you do!  However it does taste better than it smells.  Again, not a high bar to begin with.

I remember a party we had where we lighting Fritos on fire and popping them in our mouths still lit.  It gave it a "fresh roasted" taste.  I also remember Beer Floats, where we dumped beer over a couple scoops of ice cream.

This is kind of like that...

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. This gourmet treat is made with whole cream and premium Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. I don't know what that is, but it sounds delicious!

Every year around this time...we take a moment to reflect on the moments of the past year.  We take pride in accomplishments.  We mourn losses.  We learn from mistakes and impart wisdom to young impressionable young minds.

Each year we think of that perfect gift for our loved ones.  We rummage frantically through sale ads.  We scroll through pages of online stores for something...anything that strikes a chord and gives us that "a-ha" moment.

I hope this song brings you that inspiration.  For it is as true now as it was a decade ago when it was written.

My true hope for you and yours this holiday that someone gives us all some Alcohol for Christmas.

Events in 2022 to Look Forward To

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What The Quad Cities Did For Fun in the 90's

Many times over the years, I'll be talking with friends about years gone by and I'll say "take me back".

Every generation goes through this, I assume. Looking back at a more simple time where responsibilities haven't set in and life seems fun. Opportunities are endless.

Let's go back to the 1990's to Wacky Waters, 50 Cent Beer night and revisit Mallards Mania!

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