Here in the Quad Cities, it wouldn't surprise anybody to see a deer walking through their yard. Down in Alabama they have a bigger problem, wild hogs.

Wade Seago of Samson, Alabama lives on 100 acres and was alerted to something in his yard when his schnauzer, Cruiser, started freaking out. The dog had found a giant wild boar just five yards away from Wade's front porch.

"Cruiser had this huge hog confused with all of the barking and movement," Wade continued. "It was not a good situation."

Wade used to work as a prison guard, now he runs a taxidermy business and is an avid hunter. This wasn't the first time he'd seen hogs on his property, but this one was definitely the biggest.

Worried for the safety of his family and pets, Wade grabbed a .38 caliber revolver and went outside. After firing three rounds, the hog finally went down.

The boar weighed in at 820 pounds with six inch tushes.


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