A rare pleasure of flying is when you happen to get two empty seats next to yours on an airline. What ruins that instantly is when somebody decides to use those seats as a foot rest.

Twitter user Jessie Char hit the jackpot when she boarded her JetBlue flight and found that she had empty seats next to her. In a tweet she calls them her two favorite people:

Her elation quickly turned to horror when a woman sitting in the row behind her took the opportunity to stretch her legs out and prop up her feet. "A few minutes in, one of the arm rests came crashing down," Jessie said. "I looked over, figuring there was a loose hinge."

"A few moments later, a foot slowly emerged like a lizard hatching from an egg and seeing its first light of day," Char explained to Mashable. "Just beyond that: another foot. I leaned back close to my chair to snap a picture without being seen in between the seats."

But it didn't stop there.

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