There's two things you don't want at an airport - any sort of a weapon, and a baby with a loaded diaper.

Security officers found 17 bullets concealed inside of a disposable baby diaper on Wednesday at LaGuardia Airport in New York, the Transportation Security Administration said.

Officers pulled the otherwise clean diaper from a passenger's carry on bag after an alarm was triggered with the X-Ray machine in an airport's security checkpoint, the TSA said.


According to the agency, the passenger - a man from Arkansas - initially said he didn't know how the bullets ended up in his baby's diaper, and then later changed his tune to say that his girlfriend probably put them in there.

The TSA identified the passenger as a man from Arkansas who was ticketed for a flight to Chicago's Midway Airport but didn't disclose the name. Port Authority Police cited the man for unlawful possession of 9mm ammunition.

The diaper disguiser is just the latest of people trying to sneak firearms or ammunition through LaGuardia.

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Last month, TSA officers found a .45-caliber pistol and a magazine loaded with six bullets concealed in a pair of Nikes in a checked bag.

Firearms are allowed to be transported as checked luggage, but only in a locked, hard-sided container - not shoes.

In January 2021, officers at a security checkpoint found 13 bullets hidden in a Mentos chewing gum container in a carry-on bag. The bullets were mixed in with the gum. The passenger was charged with unlawful possession of ammunition, but said the bag belonged to his son.

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