If you've been adopted, you reach a certain point in your life where you want to know more about your biological history. The mail-in DNA tests that are available on the shelf at your Walgreen's have helped bring that information in the easiest way possible.

Kathy Gillcrist was placed for adoption at birth, and never knew anything about her father. In 2017, she set out to find out who he was and any information she could about him.

It was a third cousin on her biological mother's side, named Susan Gilmor, that loved genealogical research who was able to do the research to find who Kathy's real father was; a man named William Bradford Bishop Jr.

Kathy said when she got the news, she had one question: “Is it somebody famous?”

Gilmor told her that he sort of was famous.

William Bishop Jr is wanted by the FBI for the murder of his family in 1976. He's accused of bludgeoning to death his 37-year-old wife, their three sons (aged 5, 10 and 14), and his 68-year-old mother.

He allegedly drove the bodies to Columbia, North Carolina, buried them in a shallow grave and lit them on fire.

Kathy was the product of a previous relationship with a different woman, who placed her for adoption.

“I was raised by people with a great sense of humor … and I laughed,” Kathy told Fox 35. “Of course that’s why he’s famous … he was a murderer.”

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The FBI's information described Bishop as a longtime insomniac who reportedly had been under psychiatric care. He was also known to be intense, self-absorbed, prone to violence, and preferred a neat environment. Exactly what you want to hear.

“My gut feeling is he’s alive and living in Europe,” she told the outlet. “Because he lived in Europe for a time. He had the means and cognitive abilities to get himself back there.”

If Bishop is still alive, he'd be 84.

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