For Those About To Rock indeed!  Normally, Bluetooth speakers are relegated to stupid tiny little speakers that fit in the palm of your hand (read: easy to lose).  But now that Angus & the gang are in the speaker game, it's going to Blow Up Your Audio!! (see what I did there?)

From the iDanceAudio website:

"Built from MDF and covered with black amp-like leatherette, the speaker packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to two hours of continuous playback time.

Previous/next song controls, a play/pause button and large rotary volume control also feature, while you can use a 3.5 mini jack cable to connect should you so desire."

A business called iDance doesn't seem like an incredibly logical fit with AC/DC...but it does feel like a good reason to listen to the AC/BeeGee's mashup.