They say "fashion is cyclical".

I remember in junior high school that bell bottoms became popular with kids my age.  I personally didn't jump on the band wagon, however.  I had my own thing going on in middle school.  Something of a preppy-pompadour/perm situation I'd rather not get into.

Then in high school grunge came along. I was curating a look that felt more like street urchin meets Uncle Jesse.  Rock n' roll...but with conditioned hair.

I've basically kept the same look since high school.  Jeans, t-shirt & a flannel.  Only now, the hair looks different and because I don't have the party in the back I'm able to comfortably wear hoodies now.

Every once in a while the "return of the 90's" hits the radar and you see runway models showing off their expensive plaid outfits and Courtney Love baby doll dresses.  Then I look down at my ripped jeans and Ramones tshirt and think..."Back in Style Again!"

Good news:  Cargo pants are back in style. So, if you are one of those fellas who is currently stashing a pack of smokes, your wallet, a 20 oz Mountain Dew, with room for a flask and a pair of are in luck!

Looks like you're accidentally fashionable again.

According to a fashion writer for "Rolling Stone", cargo pants are popular right now with a lot of the top hip-hop artists . . . and they're the biggest trendsetters for fashion right now.

But don't worry.  Soon it'll be out of style.  And if you're chasing it you're screwed.  But me?  I'll be sitting back listening to "Nevermind" and waiting for my time to shine once again.

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