If there's one thing that needs to change, it's that fast food places don't serve lunch food until after 10am, and some places 11am. Fast food breakfast is only good after a night of copious amounts of alcohol, when you have to be at work at 7am the next day. Don't believe me? Ask this lady from Ohio.

On Monday, police were called to the Burger King in Bucyrus, Ohio because of an irate customer.

The restaurant told 41-year-old Suni Beach that their lunch menu isn't available at 9am, but she wasn't hearing it, and just wanted a burger.

Suni started yelling and swearing at employees, and for whatever reason, they didn't just give her a Whopper. The employees called police on her.

Authorities arrived, but she was already gone. They were soon alerted to another disturbance nearby, where they found out she had an outstanding warrant.

Suni's outburst is the newest of a series of upset fast-food customers. On Sunday, a man in Utah entered a closed lobby at a McDonald's and demanded a hamburger, but was refused. He forced his way into the kitchen and assaulted the manager before leaving.

Last week, a woman in Virginia slapped a McDonald's worker who allegedly forgot to put the ketchup packet in the woman's bag.

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