It's not easy being a police officer. Don't believe me? Watch a Midwestern police force that was called to an apartment break-in only to learn the "offender" was a wild turkey. Then, the fun began.

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There's a good reason why this is trending on Digg today. This turkey felon was reported in none other than Wausau, Wisconsin. Their police department obviously has some experience with wildlife based on the deer episode referred to before they get to the turkey arrest they attempt to make. "Attempt" is the appropriate word here. NOTE: no turkeys were harmed in the making of this video. As for the police officers, well...

Thunder turkey (their word, not mine) was safely captured in the net and returned to the outdoors so he/she/it could return to doing turkey things. One of the funniest comments on the Wausau Wisconsin Police Facebook page was from Pamela Ann who said "It's a turkey, not a tiger". I agree, Pamela Ann, but turkeys can be fierce.

Some comments are trying to be helpful where one former biology teacher recommended that they toss a lightweight blanket on the bird if they encounter such a situation in the future. Based on the fact that this happened in Wisconsin, you can count on weird things like this happening in the future (and I mean that as a compliment).

Kudos to the police officers for having a sense of humor about this and being willing to get outfoxed (animal puns now?) by a turkey on video.

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