A man from Abeline, Texas was arrested yesterday, making it a new personal record for how many times he's been arrested.

Prior to this arrest, Jesus Guerra was busted harassing a group of young women while intoxicated.

According to an arrest report, Jesus Guerra was told to leave by the staff members of Adventure Cove in Abeline after offering alcoholic beverages to a minor while he was severely intoxicated.

Police noted that his breath and appearance and arrested him for appearing in a public place while intoxicated. He was transported by officials to the Taylor County Jail and charged with a Class C Misdemeanor.

Officers say Guerra has had two public intoxication charges in the last 24 months. He was given a bond of $120 but he's since been released.

According to KTXS, this makes for 153 arrests in total for Jesus Guerra, but the majority of his other 152 arrests are related to panhandling.

Taylor County Jail
Taylor County Jail


Panhandling, according to the state of Texas, means "seeking through a communication with another person, either by gesture, use of a sign, or verbally, funds, goods, food, transportation, clothing, lodging or any other purpose to directly benefit an individual or his family members on or near public roads and right-of-ways and other areas."

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