I'm all for supporting small businesses.  My great grandfather, grandfather, and parents all owned businesses.  They all had dreams of being their own boss and helping people in their own way.

My Great Grandfather Bill owned a lumber & grain business.  Grandpa Gene was a sold everything under the sun.  My parents own a tshirt business. I'm pretty proud of the work they did/do. They've all put a little piece of themselves back into the town they worked in order to make it a better place.

I wonder if I'd feel the same way if this was my family...

In Dallas, Texas there's a lady named Kimberly Haley-Coleman who has dreams of opening a bar...kinda.  The place is called The Tickle Bar and it's a place you can go for a special type of service.  For $40 they'll tickle your hair, your back, or both.

As businesses continue to struggle during a pandemic

Of course since we are in a global pandemic...the tickling will be by appointment only.  When you do show up...you'll be greeted with a glass of wine and taken to a tickle tent.  Which sounds like a horror story from childhood...but except now  you have the option of shirt on or off.

I don't know if they have a menu or if it's a light up board with those glowing handwritten notes but you get to pick the tickle (another scary game) and for 25 to 50 minutes you are treated to the tickle of your choosing.  It costs $40 for the shorter session, and $60 for the longer one.

Here's the original story...Dallas Observer

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