A video has gone viral of a British man and his dog limping down the sidewalk together.  The man's on crutches. The dog?  Perfectly fine.  But limping right along side him.

Is he mocking him?  Is he a bad boy?  No...he's giving him sympathy.  I guess in the form of impersonating him.

It's like when you're sick and the dog comes to cuddle with you.  Lays on your lap and snuggles a bit more because they "know" you're not feeling well.

When we're packing for a weekend away (which has been WAY TOO LONG) our dogs will freak the F out as we're putting our clothes in the luggage.  I've even tried packing while they were outside...then loading the bags into the car so they can't see and for some reason they can tell we're leaving and they're freaking out...barking, running in circles and generally being annoying.

But this guy doesn't get the nervous energy or the snuggling.  He gets a dog that pretends it's normal to limp.  Like when Billy Madison peed his pants.  Suddenly it's COOL to pee your pants.

In the video posted on Facebook...the caption tells the story.  "Cost me [$400] in vet fees and X-rays.  Nothing wrong, just sympathy."

So the dog wasn't injured, he was just imitating his owner.  Sympathy pains!  The guy and his wife did a TV interview and they even played video of the dog running like crazy when the man wasn't around.

We don't deserve dogs.

(Here's the clip.)

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