You may think you have a well stocked kitchen with your fancy salts and powders, but you're probably missing a key ingredient to a new trend of recipes.

There's a new cookbook on its way that's exclusively made up of recipes using Mountain Dew.

It looks like it's been written by Guy Fieri or something, the way the chapters are named:

  • Bada$ Breakfasts
  • Dippin' with DEW
  • DEW Does Dinner
  • Satisfying Sides
  • Dang Good Desserts
  • Liquid Legends

The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes goes on sale next week, and you can get to eating full Mtn. Dew meals just in time for Thanksgiving. It'll set you back about $30, but I'm betting it'll be more than worth the money.

Read more at Delish

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