This weeks' 97XRockClub album of the week was the 1974 debut album from Kiss!

Producer Richie Wise said it took just 13 days to record & mix an album that has some of the most covered songs in the history of Rock & Roll.

Live show mainstays…like Strutter, Deuce & Black Diamond. All written by Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons before they even formed the band with 2 exceptions.

Cold Gin which Ace wrote and apparently was insecure about his vocals so he gave this killer drinking song to Gene the teetotaler.

Also Kissin’ Time which was a Bobby Rydell song from 1959 was added to the album against the bands wishes.
Definitely the worst song on the album…unless you understand the words to Got Nothing to Lose! Holy cow! I had never listened to the words. And I’m not going fill you in on the air either.

• Sweet J on Twitter mentioned how bad the production of the album was. He said, “Good thing they had a gimmick or they wouldn't have gotten a 2nd album.”

• Mark Detl said it’s hard to compare the first record to the Alive! versions and its exactly why they almost failed as a band because they couldn't capture the live sound.

• Thad Shumaker says it’s his favorite Kiss album..Gene Simmons too.

• Brian Miner said, this album galvanized his allegiance to Kiss

• Leo Kelly “Glad I listened again. Better than I remember!”

There’s a whole geeky Kiss thread that I linked to on our 97X App with some really cool bootlegs & alternate takes you Kiss fans should check out.

And tune in tomorrow for next week's 97XRockClub suggested listening.

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