From 1975…Born to Run is the 3rd studio album by Bruce Springsteen…and luckily for him it did quite well.

This was the classic three and out rule…where if you didn’t get a hit by that 3rd album there was no fourth.  Bands like Aerosmith & Tom Petty & Springsteen wouldn’t be around today if they didn’t get a chance to grow through more than one album cycle…which makes me wonder if this 1 and done idea that’s been happening needs to be reconsidered.  Then I listen to some new stuff and thing…“no, we’re doing it right.”

Born to Run eventually sold over six million copies and featured two singles "Born to Run" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”.

Album tracks "Thunder Road", "She's the One", and "Jungleland" all became staples of classic rock radio and Springsteen concert high points.

Rolling Stone reviewed it at the time saying “the stories Springsteen is telling are nothing new, though no one has ever told them better or made them matter more”

They threw a lot of money at this one.  Bruce wanted to get that “Wall of Sound” sound that Phil Spector was known for…and they get it!  A ton of in your face rock & roll on this one.

It has since been considered to be one of the greatest albums of all time and the one of the most iconic album covers…with The Boss leaning on The Big Man, Clarence Clemons, holding his Telecaster.

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Thunder Road is a beautiful piano song.  I listened on the road so I wish I had the lyrics. Sweet J mentioned he can’t tell what the hell he’s saying half the time…and I agree.  Liner sheet & lyrics would’ve helped this one out a bit. This song is a great example of that tension before it breaks. Just right when you think it’s going to explode it brings us back and rises for that saxophone solo.  So freaking good.

10th Avenue Freeze Out has that killer R&B vibe. Back when R&B meant rhythm & blues not Usher.  Bruce’s vocal phrasing on this song is absolutely perfect. So groovy.

Night is an interesting song. Kind of reminds me of Aerosmith’s first album where he’s singing through his nose for most of it.

Backstreets sounds like it will be amazing live. I wonder how many of these songs were written considering the concert performance? Did he anticipate arena shows? Because it certainly sounds like it. The Hammond organ really soars on this one. Some really good angst in the vocals too.

Born to Run “The highway is jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.” Reminds me of Christopher on The Sopranos saying that right in front of Silvio and kept a straight face!

She’s the One. Man!  They loved reverb in 1975.  Again that build up before the sax solo brings it all home for me.

Meeting Across the River. Definitely a 70s song.  Kinda reminds me of earlyTom Waits.  And are they talking about a drug deal?  I wish I had the lyrics.

Jungleland kind of sounds like theme song to some romantic comedy starring Steve Martin. This definitely could’ve been on the soundtrack to The Lonely Guy. Very theatrical.

Actually this whole album is very theatrical. If someone told me this was a concept album it wouldn’t surprise me. So many movements and orchestral sounds and feels.

There’s so much going on on Born to Run. If the saxophone is the MVP, the Hammond organ and piano are the best supporting cast.


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