Warning…If you wear headphones while children are present they will ask you everything under the sun.

How do microwaves work.


How do bees make honey.


How does the human circulatory system work?

Ok, the last one was a stretch…but I wasn’t able to sit and relax and immerse myself into the music as I had planned.  But I was able to listen and crank it in the car and here are my thoughts.

Billion Dollar Babies is the 6th studio album by Alice Cooper.  1973 was a weird time.  Tony Orlando’s Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, the Carpenters all topped the charts.  Along with the opening track from Billion Dollar Babies…Hello Hooray…which is a cover of a song by Judy Collins, a folk singer whose original I’ve linked in my article on our 97X app and being so familiar with Alice’s version…it’s like bizarro world.

The album went to number 1 and critics hailed it as his “most consistent album” even though it lacked a song as strong as “School’s Out” although I would argue that No More Mr Nice Guy with its iconic guitar riff is right up there. Billion Dollar Babies was also extremely influential.  Chris Cornell sited it as one of his favorite records.  David Byrne said the album inspired the song Psycho Killer.

The thing I loved about this record is that it was such a visual album.  Which is great…it’s not like they had videos back then.  But whether it was setting the stage for the theatrics of the live show or just painting a sinister picture in your head…he made sure you weren’t going to mistake this for a Jim Croce album.

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In the meantime…a couple things that stood out to me.

“Raped & Freezing” is such a happy song! Feels like Doo-Wop or the New York dolls.  A lot more piano heavy than I remember it.

Elected has way more orchestra then I remembered.  Must’ve been incredible to be in the studio for this one.

Billion Dollar Babies. If I’m too rough tell me! I’m scared your little head will come off in my hands! I’m surprised they let this in stores in 1973.

Unfinished Sweet. It feels like everything is planned for the live show including the dentist drill. He never stops considering the listener experience. This is not about showing off playing or writing this is strictly for experience and the love of the art.

No More Mr Nice Guy has such an incredibly iconic guitar lick to kick things off! So many layers on this album.  From the strumming of what sounds like a Strat to the singers and bongos.

I love that Sick Things…this nasty sounding creepy ass song leads directly into soft Paul McCartney sounding tune. Fantastic

Mary Ann. I do love hearing the guitars in stereo. Background vox too

Sick things sounded cool with headphones

I Love The Dead!!!!!! So freaking good!! It’s great because the vocals are not perfect. He’s not hitting the exact perfect auto tuned notes. Rock n roll baby!  

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