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Nike has teamed up with The Grateful Dead to make three shoes featuring the dancing bear character and other icons for the band. The Nike SB Dunk Low Grateful Dead sneakers will be available in yellow, green, and orange. The shoes have the band's skull logo on the inside.

Sam Ratuski was driving south on I-35W up by Minneapolis when he noticed a bald eagle on the side of the road.“I realize it may not have been the safest thing to do, but I’ve grown up in the outdoors and have always had a deep respect for animals. So as long as I wasn’t putting anyone at risk I had to help it, it’s our national bird," Sam said. Michaels has a bald eagle rescue story too.

Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho have declared a Twitter war against each other. Bach initially went after Jericho for allegedly lip syncing during Fozzy shows, and after some back and forth, Jericho challenged Bach to a sing-off.

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