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Here's a headline I didn't expect to read..."Rod Stewart Apologizes for Mock Execution Video."  He & the band apparently were goofing around on some sand dunes and well...the video is below if you'd like to see if it's actually offensive or not.

Former Triumph guitarist, Rik Emmett does a track by track rundown of his new album RES 9....offering a more intimate perspective on the collection he’s called “a journey through my life.”


Queen guitarist Brian May and singer Kerry Ellis have revealed the details and release date for their new album.  Golden Days and set for an April 7 arrival.  According to both artists, the new songs represent an organic outgrowth of a still-evolving creative partnership.

An old Minnesota biddy singlel out metal cover band Hairball and rap star Nelly as particularly noisy example of why they shouldn't allow Alice Cooper into town.  Then she looked up some lyrics and her plastic panties got in a real bunch.

Whatever you do...don't show her THIS video....


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