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Mick Fleetwood Says New Album Without Stevie Nicks Will Win Awards

In a recent news story, I announced Stevie Nicks said there would never be another Fleetwood Mac album.  A subheading to that story, I didn’t realize, was the rest of the band is putting together an album under the name Buckingham McVie.  The Album will out this summer with a Fleetwood Mac farewell tour planned next year.

Queen Announce Special Edition of Monopoly Board Game

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You heard Monopoly replaced a few game pieces recently…but here’s an even cooler version than the new T-Rex & Rubber Ducky.  Queen has their own special edition of Monopoly with the goal of the game to buy up concert venues and hit singles.  Buy the game May 5th online.

Watch Pink Floyd Take on Bootleggers in 1971 Documentary Clip

Pink Floyd: The Early Years 1971 Reverberation will be released Friday along with five other collections taken from the 27-disc original box set.  A video of the band discovering a bootleg concert album in 1971 can be seen online.



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