With the idea in limbo, so much time gone by I had actually forgotten about the project altogether. After the Winter break, it was a surprise to be called into the Boss’s office. If you were never called to the principal’s office you sadly missed out on the anxiety, panic, and desperation of taking the long walk to their office.

“Am I in trouble? Sh*t, what did I screw up? Is this the day I’m let go?” I thought. I took a deep breath and walked in. Okay, time to face the music.

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There, in the small corner office, was a whole group of people sitting around a desk and talking. Carefully creeping into the room, everything came to a screeching halt.

Dwyer says to me, “I want you to tell them about the record. You know…”

Panic turned to desperation, and after a brief pause I say to myself, “you got this” and I pitched the most wild-eyed idea I could come up with. Little did I know that it would be a home run and we would soon be off to the races.


The idea evolved into a new hybrid of the old school X-LP. Farley suggested that we record the whole album in the Rock & Roll Mansion. Thus keeping the initial sound of the other prior performances on the Dwyer & Michaels Show.

The timing was perfect because Goose’s studio was being demoed, and that would give us space to record full drums in our studios. This would give the album more of a MTV Unplugged performance.

We decided to talk the project up on air and have local bands submit a song to later be voted on via a blog on our website. We had a great response from bands and then it was up to the listeners to decide the bands that would be on the album.

We knew we wanted the LP to be available for 97X's 40th Anniversary.  But, since the pressing company told us that it could take potentially between ten and sixteen weeks to get the album pressed, we knew we only had a short window to get this recorded.

Looking at the schedule and factoring in the availability of all involved, this would have to happen quickly.  We decided to 'rip off the band-aid' and schedule all bands to record over a weekend in April.

Could it be done? 10 bands in 2 days? The Rock 'N Roll gods would have to really be shining on us.

To be continued...

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