This week I went to Blue Cat Brewing Co in Rock Island to do a "collaboration" beer.  Which meant a couple things:  1) I helped decide what kind of beer to make and 2) I watched as the PRO brewed the beer so I didn't screw it up.

It really was cool though.  I have a way better understanding of how the process works.  There's a lot of hurry up & wait type situations.

"The water is hot enough...let's mash in".

"Now the water's too, let's warm it up."

"Set a timer for 1 hour from now."

"Let's drink a beer!"

It's right up my alley to be honest.

Look for the Blue Cat/97X Pastry Brown Ale coming soon!

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What's Tappening This Week
  • Putin Huilo Golden Ale at Blue Cat Brewing Co.
  • Gingy Brown Ale at Galena Brewing Company Moline Ale House
  • West Coast Adventure IPA at Adventurous Brewing
  • Bout Damn Time German Pilsner and evs. 2.0 DDH Hazy IPA at Rebels and Lions Brewing
  • We Have The Technology Amber Ale and Black Tongue Stout at Radicle Effect Brewerks
  • Nectar Collector Hazy IPA and Tales Of Brave Ulysses Porter at Wake Brewing
  • Rainy Haze Hazy IPA and Blackbird Blackberry Wheat at Geneseo Brewing Co.
  • Pineapple Sunrise Sour and Live & Let Rye Double IPA at Contrary Brewing
  • Nahant Nectar Honey Wheat and Sweet Emulsion Sour at Stompbox Brewing
  • BAMF IPA at Midwest Ale Works
  • Ooh, That’s a Bingo Saison at Nerdspeak Brewery
  • Liquified DDH Hazy IPA and Upstream Tangerine Wheat at Bent River Brewing
  • Company Bird Song Blonde Ale at Great Revivalist Brew Lab
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