I hope I'm this fired up when I'm in my 90's.

At the age of 95, Ernie Andrus is crossing the entire United States on foot.... for the SECOND TIME.

He's no amateur, the last time he crossed the U.S. it took him two years and ten months to complete, but he managed to finish his goal.... on this 90th birthday no less. After a couple years of rest the WWII Vet has decided to do it again.

Hoping to run about 13 miles per week, he estimates he should make it just before he turns 100. Andrus runs Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, resting in between, for an average of 4½ miles each outing.

Ernie manned the sick bay of the Navy's Hospital Corps during World War II on a landing ship tanker or LST in the Pacific Ocean. He's been running since he was a young man and it served as a release from the war when he served.

This feat is being undertaken to raise money for the LST 325 Ship Memorial. The LST 325 is a World War II era ship used to land equipment and troops on hostel shores. 1,051 LST’s were built during World War II. The 325 is the only one left that is restored and operational. His dream is to take the ship back to Normandy for a D-Day Memorial. He didn’t raise near enough money on my first run so he's trying again.

He's hoping to raise awareness and funds. He encourages supporters to donate on his website, and you can follow his progress on his Facebook page.



His last trip raised $33,000, but he's hardly raised anything on this run. Looks like he'll have plenty of time to raise more fund on this trip.
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